Swanson's versatile Hand Warmer Pockets


See below for testimonials from customers and their love for their reusable hand warmer pocket:

I was given a Hunters Pocket for Christmas some 15+ years ago and to this day do not go bow or rifle hunting without it. I consider it to be one of the most important items that I need.

Not only does it keep my hands warm but because of its design it is also great for carrying items like gun clips, shells, a can of soda! (which it helps to keep cool!), and does it quietly!

Not only did I like the Hunters Pocket so much that I bought all the hunters in my family one, but I got myself a second one as well.

I recommend it to anyone who enjoys the outdoors.

-Daniel Langhoff | Merrill, WI

I’ve been the owner of the versatile hand warmer pocket for 15 years. With the built in heater pocket, I’ve found my hands can stay warm with lightweight gloves on. The blaze orange on one side and the camo on the other side makes it good for both bow and gun season.

I’ve found it to be very practical to use with it’s wide openings for slipping hands in and out, to it’s four pockets that hold everything from extra shells, heat sticks, calls, scents and even a soda.

They are great for Ice Fishing.

-Bruce Bloch | Wausau, WI

When hunting I like to wear thin gloves. I went archery hunting this past late season, I put a hand warmer in the muff and it stayed hot the entire day. It was 15 degrees outside and my hands never got cold. This is an excellent product . I use it for both hunting and fishing. I would recommend anyone who enjoys outdoor activities in the cold weather to have one.

-Matt Salvesen

I totally enjoy my hunting and fishing pocket. I like not needing to wear gloves when I fish with minnows in the winter. I use the pocket with a hand warmers. (Not always needed). I have been using the pocket for over 10 years.

I also use the pocket with when I am bow hunting. It allows me to use bare hands with my bow release.It also allows easy storage for deer calls and other things. I also use the pocket when turkey hunting and rifle hunting. There’s no end to it’s many uses!


-Bob Jansen