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History of the Hand Warmer Pocket

Originally designed in the early 1990’s. The first pockets were called The Sportsman Pocket, these hand warmer pockets were designed by my mother for her two boys to keep their hands warm while deer hunting. They worked so well that eventually a number of people wanted them.

The original hand warmer pocket was blaze orange on one side and camouflage on the other and because of the different options, the reusable hand warmers could be used for bow hunting or rifle hunting. There were pockets on each side of the hand warmer as well so a person was able to carry everything they needed like extra clips, shells, cans of soda or water, sandwiches, candy bars, deer calls, scents or walkie talkies, etc.

The Hand Warmer Pocket Evolves

The uses of the hand warmer pocket began to grow over the years and as a result I changed the name from Sportsman Pockets to Hand Warmer Pockets and started to promote them with many different materials, designs and themes. The themes included designs for ice fishing, camping, patriotic, deer hunting, duck hunting, construction, snowmen, penguins, cancer and rodeos. I also have a children’s line.

I have began working with schools and non-profit organizations in putting their logo’s on my hand warmer pockets to use them as a fundraiser. I also work with businesses to help them promote their companies. Some of the companies I have worked with are taxidermists, bait shops and smaller stores. My goal is to someday have my hand warmer pockets available in major stores like Cabela's and Gander Mountain. I would also like to sell to College and Pro Sport Teams.

Not Just for Winter

Our reusable hand warmer pockets are multi-purpose and can be used year-round for a number of different things. It is light weight and has two large pockets in the front that can hold a number of smaller items. I personally use it to hold my tape measure, scissors and the clamps to hold my material in place. It can also be used as a nail apron and a money pouch.

I recently had high speed Internet installed and the installer was very interested in the hand warmer pocket, he purchased one from me on the spot. He said he is able to put his small tools, tape, tester some bolts and a tube of caulk all in the pocket and go on the roof at one time. When he’s finished, he unsnaps the belt on the pocket and it’s ready for the next job.

These are just a few ideas in which my reusable hand warmer pockets can be used for in the summer. If you have unique idea on how this pocket could work in another way please let share your idea on my Swanson Sales Facebook Page.

Hand Warmer Pocket Defined

The very unique thing about our hand warmer pocket is that it has a small pocket built in where you can place a hand warmer packet into. It drops down from the top of the pocket and is contained in its own pouch. This provides heat for the whole pocket. All of the hand warmer pockets available here have this feature and with the Mossy Oak pattern pockets, you have the option of having two of these pouches for only a small fee of $2.00. These hand warmer pockets are reusable, versatile and useful even when the weather warms up as extra pockets for carrying needed items while keeping your hands free.


In the illustration above, you will see the unique versatile & reusable hand warmer pocket. Each pocket comes with additional storage space to hold hand warmers keeping your hands warm. Pockets come with 1 or 2 spots for hand warmers. Additional space is also available for shells, soda, binoculars, whatever you wish to take with you in the woods

Please take a few minutes and see all of the products I have available for you. This is a very unique product with unlimited uses all year round.

Arnold Swanson
Owner, Swanson Sales

Swanson’s Reusable Hand Warmer Pocket is the next generation

of the mitten muff and will keep your hands warm in the cold.

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